Our Typical Day

9:00-9:40 / 12:30-1:10        Carpet activities: encourage sharing, cooperative play and fine-motor practice

9:40-10:00 / 1:10-1:30        Circle time: Welcome / Calendar / Math curriculum

10:00-10:20 / 1:30-1:50      Gym time: active games and the use of equipment to improve gross-motor abilities

10:20-10:35 / 150-2:05      Snack: promotes good health habits with wise food choices

10:35-10:55 / 2:05-2:25      Group instruction: Math, Early Literacy, Health, Science, Social Studies, and Music curriculum

10:55-11:30 / 2:25-3:00       Table work / Play centres / Small group instruction

11:30-11:45 / 3:00-3:15       Circle / Home time

Glamorgan Community Kindergarten carpet activitiesOur children often end their day outside on our grassed area or at the playground around the corner.

Classroom Volunteers Welcome

We pride ourselves in welcoming parents, relatives, mature siblings and other caregivers into the classroom on a regular basis. This is very helpful for our teacher but the benefit to the children is immense. They are always excited to introduce their special visitor to their classmates and they get to be leader during circle time and help distribute the snack. Our special visitors often observe the sense of accomplishment and pride in their child. We love having our volunteers help in the classroom and visitors are always welcome!

Glamorgan Community Kindergarten
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